What is ChatOpenSource?

ChatOpenSource is the easiest way to build secure & private AI apps leveraging open source models. Build secure enterprise AI apps without writing code. ChatOpenSource is the world’s first low-code platform for making AI apps that are private enough for large enterprises without AI engineering teams. We work with mega law firms, healthcare billing, and finance consulting. We help people with workflow tasks like plaintiff lawyer intake, speeding up software engineers, and double checking paralegals in e-discovery with automatic cross references. We’re targeting the $1.2T (and growing fast) knowledge worker market. Our founders are an ex-NASA engineer former YC founder, and an ex-Rapid7 security engineer.

  • We’re in procurement talks with four of the top 100 largest law firms in the world.
  • We’re in paid pilot phase with one of the top 200 largest law firms in the world along with other large law firms.
  • Our deal pipeline is worth $6 million ARR.

To learn more contact us at chase@chatopensource.com

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