Why Work With ChatOpenSource?

We're the platform for building AI powered workflows secure enough for mega law firms.

After working for NASA, Rapid7, and spies, we decided to make AI more secure and private.

We protect your client's sensitive data from third parties, internal monitoring tools, and data leaks unlike OpenAI based tools.

We're in procurement with four top 100 law firms in the world, these law firms are located on the west coast and will use us with their most privileged information.

We're in paid pilot with one of the top 200 law firms in the world, this law firm is located in the south-east and they are deploying us to 10% of their workforce.

We're working with two more of the top 100 law firms in the world to make AI workflows that improve their reputation.

We do not replace lawyers, associates, or paralegals.

We protect our lawyers from hallucinations by providing fact checking with cross references.

iManage Cross References is our first product.

Use cases:
- Accelerate the process for time sensitive transactions
- Buying and selling a business - due diligence, contract of sale, financing, closing documents
- Restructurings and bankruptcy
- Private placements and public offerings
- Searching  representations, warranties, covenants and closing conditions
- Description of the assets and liabilities of a business
- Pulling up deals that have been done in the past few years similar to the one being considered today
- M&A agreements can be several hundreds of pages long, find the one or two pages that might be  relevant
- For litigations - query the summons and complaint, document production requests, depositions, trial and pre-trial motions, appellate level filings, all in the relevant jurisdiction
- Federal, State and local regulatory compliance
- Searches in a firm’s other practice areas (i.e., real estate and leasing, land use and zoning, intellectual property, tax, etc.)

To learn more contact us at chase@chatopensource.com

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